Start Play Mark talks about our future resurrection and what our hope look like

How to keep your head

Start Play Luke talks about how Jesus is the head of the body (the church) and what this means for us.

A new Commandment

Start Play John continues our series about building each other by focusing on Jesus’ commandment to love one another

Challenging each other

Start Play John continues our Building One Another Up series by talking about challenging and forgiving each other. 

Helping the Weaker Brother

Start Play Peter Milburn continues the building each other up series with how to deal with disagreement among Christians.

At the beginning of the year I started a sermon series called Attractive Christianity. What got me going was reading Acts 5 vs 12-14. It talks about all the believers meeting together, but ‘none of the rest dared join them.’ That’s fine until you look at verse 14, And more that ever believers were added …

House Builders

Start Play John introduces the new series about building each other up.


Start Play John Campbell uses Jesus’ story of dividing up sheep and goats to explain about eternal life and eternal punishment