Our Vision: To be a caring, praying, mission focused, God centred church in the centre of the community


We like to get to know each other and support one another, we take 1 Corinthians 12 very seriously, that we are all one body. If one suffers we all suffer.


We see prayer as central to every thing we do as a church community, whether that be praying for healing, praying for the unsaved or praying for our Church.

Mission Focused

From Matthew 28 v18-20 we are instructed to make disciples, so we are focused on bringing Jesus and his good news to the community around us, we seek ways to bring a relevant witness to as may people as we can.

God Centred

We want God to be brought glory by our actions, this is why we exist as a church community. Therefore we seek to put God at the centre of our lives.

The Community

We think that churches should be the ultimate in community, where each and every member is important and valued. We both plan to build community among ourselves and to bring God to the centre of the larger community around us.